Voices Against Violence


In the course of one week in July 2016, national news reports featured two police-involved shooting deaths on July 5 in Baton Rouge, LA, and on July 6 near St. Paul, MN. Two days later, the horrific shooting ambush of five Dallas police officers added to the tragedy. The LEAD Coalition convened its first Voices Against Violence forum on July 14, to address local concerns about the police-community relationships. Nearly 200 community members convened at the Bay County governmental complex to engage in the forum and sparked a series that has met more than 20 times since then. 

Community Collaboration: Working Together Works
The Voices Against Violence forums aim to achieve public safety and peaceful relations between the community and law enforcement. By creating dialogue and including all voices in Bay County, Voices Against Violence strives to encourage new ideas and action plans for the community to achieve harmony. As a result of these public meetings, two volunteer-based initiatives have taken shape – Home for Good, a re-entry program for prisoners, and Count Me In, which is an anti-truancy task force at Jinks Middle School.


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