Community Collaboration: Working Together Works

The LEAD Coalition of Bay County facilitates collaborative work among community agencies, organizations and faith-based institutions through its programs, projects and forums. Not only has LEAD partnered with a variety of agencies and organizations, but also has been the connection for many agencies and organizations to work collaboratively with each other.


State and National Collaborations 

National Conference on Preventing Crime in the Black Community

Each year, the LEAD Coalition collaborates with JUDOS, Inc., and other organizations to sponsor Bay County youth to attend this conference. This annual national conference is a collaborative effort sponsored by this office to provide a focal point in Florida and around the nation on crime issues in the African-American community. Special attention is directed toward initiatives to curb youth violence and to protect victims of crime, and provides a unique opportunity for participants to share their views and experiences on relevant issues in the African-American community.


For more information about the National Conference on Preventing Crime in the Black Community, please visit their website:


Kettering Foundation Community Politics Workshop

The LEAD Coalition is participating a two-year research project with the Kettering Foundation, Community Politics Workshop. Our team of 10 people is one of four teams from different parts of the United States. The Kettering Foundation is presenting its research and ideas about democratic, deliberative practice by sharing share findings from past research. The teams are engaging in discussions about the nature of public problems, the importance of naming and framing difficult issues, the principles and characteristics of an effective issue framework, how to develop materials and the challenges of convening and moderating public forums, the challenges that arise when trying to shift toward a more deliberative politics in a community, the challenges faced in describing the work and gaining support from other organizations, alternative ways to support citizens in complementary public acting, and reporting the results of deliberative exchanges.


Florida Department of Juvenile Justice Circuit 14 Racial and Ethnic Disparity Committee

Disproportionate Minority Contact (DMC) as defined in the Juvenile Delinquency Prevention (JJDP) Act, exists when “the proportion of juveniles detained or confined in secure detention facilities, secure correctional facilities, jails, and lockups who are members of minority groups exceeds the proportion such groups represent in the general population.” Accordingly, if a state finds that minority juveniles disproportionately come in contact with the juvenile justice system, the state is responsible for developing and implementing strategies to address this issue. The RED Committee for Circuit 14 is working to reduce DMC within the circuit.


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